Creating a

Disruptive Brand. Milagrito Chilango.

With the Human Centered Design methodology and its tools, we achieved a deep understanding of the consumers of the dining room, how important it is in Mexican gastronomy and most importantly insights that are the basis for finding our value proposition and creative concept.

Our Process

Persona profiling

Journey mapping


Real cases

Product Design 

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Model Canvas


Touchpoint Orchestration

Brand Communication

For Salsa Lovers

Men and women 25 to 55 years old SES C, C+, AB.

Education: Middle and higher.

A salsa lover considers salsa to be the soul of food.

They are not simply swayed by the ‘award winning’ or the most elegant restaurants, but by the places that have quality and innovation as their first objective. They invest their time

in choosing products and services that originate or have tradition. They are loyal to brands with identity and historical continuity,

seeking innovation and constantly adapting.

Analysis and Inputs

In this phase we conducted two workshops to find our value proposition and design our product. We found innovation within the world of sauces not only at a product level but also at a social level and how to impact the gastronomy of our segment and finally the business model for our brand.

Brand Pilars

'Salsa is the Soul of food'.

Value Proposition

Lavanero is a brand of creamy habanero sauces, the first of its kind. For the brand, the most important thing is its Chilango origin, which gives it a unique and different character, where cultures and flavors converge.

Lavanero is a little piece of CDMX

100% Chilango

Inspired by a
Multicultural City

Secret Recipe

Perfect pairing with all
Mexican Food

'Together we created a disruptive brand within its category, it was an unparalleled experience.'
Luis López Morton / CEO Lavanero